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If you ever wondered why several nominees and presenters looked so stunning at the Academy Awards the answer is the Tracie Martyn Resculpting Facial also known as the Red Carpet Facial®. LA Confidential writes about it:

From Oscar predictions to Madge's predilections to Princess Leia's addictions, Cathy Griffin delivers the fresh goods.

We all know Oprah loves the color purple. In this case, we mean the purple bag with the lotus flower containing the Tracie Martyn five-product kit, which is the best swag of the season.

The Queen of All Media and other glamorous, inspiring women discovered the New York-based facialist and her chic, age-defying skincare line. Once again, the marvelous Martyn rolls out her own red carpet for a 10-day countdown to Oscar night. And, just as in years past, expect the paparazzi to be foiled at finding the always-secluded site where she works her magic on nominees like Felicity Huffman and Catherine Keener, and presenters like Jennifer Aniston and Diane von Furstenberg has been a faithful follower for nine years running, with most of her Oscar brunch guests going for the glow.

Now, mere mortals too can order online in time for Valentine's Day at TracieMartyn.com alongside stars like Rosanna Arquette. When I can't wait for my package, I swing by Barneys New York and buy mine right off the shelf.

Noninvasive, unlike plastic surgery, and no recovery time with organic ingredients: the Oscar goes to Martyn!

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